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Submission Guidelines

One Monstrous Feast


through August 31, 2024


Good Intent Press is seeking new tentacled/clawed/furred/feathered friends to feed hungry paranormal romance readers. New voices, debuts, and anyone looking to build their author network while supporting one another are welcome and highly encouraged!


We are a collective of independent authors pushing the boundaries of fantasy and paranormal romance. Trysts, Tails, and Tentacles: One Monstrous Feast is an anthology of the newest or lesser-heard voices in the genre. Our aim is to create a cohort of authors, promote creative works, and lift each other up.


What happens when the beauty gets to eat that banquet ... and the beast sits down for a meal?

When a Sasquatch joins you for Thanksgiving Dinner?

When a Naga slithers into Holi?  

When being stuffed by just one meat won't do?

What salacious tales of tails and tentacles lurk in your psyche?

These are the questions we want answered (jabs pitchfork at the sky), and this anthology is the place to do so. Spin us stories of a Vampire invited in for dinner. Of a satyr lost in Napa, and a Kitsune in the cherry blossoms.

We are seeking stories with a "Holiday Feast" vibe keeping well away from #edgy territory. Think Cozy Monster Romance, both sweet and spicy.




  • What are we looking for? Flash fiction, short stories, and poetry.

  • Is there a maximum word count? Up to 1,000 words for flash; 1,000 -10,000 words for short stories.

  • Is there a limit on the number of submissions? We will only look at the first two (2) pieces you submit.

  • Can we submit previously published pieces? New and/or unpublished works ONLY

  • Are accepted authors paid? No. We’d love to pay you, but we’re new here, too, which means we have no budget. In lieu of payment, Good Intent Press will distribute complimentary copies to all accepted authors.

  • Rights to accepted piece will revert to the author 3mos post-publication.



  • One member of the party must be monstrous

    • The definition of monster is loose here, but we're all a little tired of faerie porn​

  • The setting must be a holiday feast of some kind. get wild, the world is a large and lovely place, and your imagination is even bigger

  • Active and enthusiastic consent is MANDATORY

    • Participants in the monstrous sexual congress must be legal adults (18+)

    • Editorial preference is No CNC and necrophilia within strict reason (when in doubt, refer to Bullet Point No. 1: active and enthusiastic consent, even from zombies, wraiths, and the unsatisfied undead). 

  • Submissions should be clean, copyedited, and up to author standard for publishing

    • We will proofread and perform minor grammatical edits as needed to present your best piece; however, your work should be considered “ready to print” at the time of submission.

    • At this time we are unable to offer line or copyediting, or submission feedback.



Submit using the supplied link. We do take multiple submissions, but you must create a separate document for each piece and complete a separate form for each submission.

Please ensure the share settings on your Google Doc are not restricted. Due to the expected volume of submissions, we can only request access to view your submission once.

We understand that Google is not everyone's preferred submission method, but we cannot accept submissions in any other form at this time.


You, as the author, retain all rights to your work. Good Intent Press will retain sole distribution of your accepted piece for the period of three (3) months following publication. At this time, the distribution rights will revert back to the author. You may not submit previously published work to this anthology.


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